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The 1968 F1 Mod for Grand Prix Legends (GPL) was released in 2019 and has taken about seven years to create. It simulates the F1 World Championship season of 1968 split into Part 1 - Early 68 and Part 2 - Late 68. The 1968 World Automobile Championship was the 19th season of the Automobile World Championship, which is now known as the Formula 1 World Championship. In twelve races from January 1, 1968 to November 3, 1968, the Drivers' World Championship and the International Cup of Formula 1 Constructors were held. The FIA honorary title Grand Prix of Europe was awarded by the Grand Prix of Germany in 1968. The points were awarded as before in the mode 9-6-4-3-2-1. There was a cubic capacity limit of 3 litres (with compressor 1.5 l, but all participants drove suction engines), the minimum weight was 500 kg. The tyres were supplied by Firestone, Goodyear and Dunlop, all makes both dry and wet with meander tread. Light alloy monocoques were used throughout the chassis construction, only the cars of the Brabham racing team still had grid tube frames. The most striking change in the appearance of the cars were wings, which were initially mounted on the rear axle to increase the downforce. Further developments in aerodynamics shaped the appearance of the Monopostos throughout the rest of the racing series. With Jim Clark, Mike Spence, Ludovico Scarfiotti and Jo Schlesser, four well-known drivers lost their lives on the race track this year. Graham Hill won the drivers' world championship for the second time. Lotus became Constructors' World Champion for the third time. Changes during the season At the beginning of the season, the fairings were mainly designed in national colours (Italy = red, France = blue, etc.) and were increasingly replaced by sponsor colours. A pioneering role was played by Lotus, whose Type 49 was painted red (instead of British racing green) and promoted the cigarette brand John Player Gold Leaf. This car was also the first one to compete in Monaco with a spoiler-shaped rear wing. In the further development of the wings there were many intermediate forms: small, almost ineffective sheet metal parts at the front and rear, and even today, disconcertingly high and filigree-looking components whose pressure was directed directly to the wheel suspension. Later development prohibited this design and limited the dimensions of the aerodynamic aids. Short news Formula 1 1968 Jim Clark celebrates his 25th and last GP victory at the South African Grand Prix. On April 7, 1968 Jim Clark has a fatal accident at the first European Championship round of the European Formula 2 Car Trophy at the Hockenheimring, Germany. On May 7, Mike Spence is killed during practice for the 500-mile race of Indianapolis. Ludovico Scarfiotti dies at the Alpenberg Prize Rossfeld, Germany. On July 7 at the French Grand Prix, Jo Schlesser is killed in a Honda. At the Nürburgring, Jackie Stewart wins a memorable race in fog and visibility below 50 metres at the German Grand Prix. From the Monaco Grand Prix onwards, the first Formula 1 cars are fitted with wings. The starting grid was changed during the course of the season: in the Canadian Grand Prix in the 3-2-3 system, from the US Grand Prix onwards in rows of two as is the case today. Occasionally the grid was filled with Formula 2 cars. Partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia