Full Mod Files GPL 1968 F1 Full Mod (all-in-one) Download: http://68f1.gplworld.de//files/GPL 1968 F1 Full Mod.7z [315 MB] The GPL 1968 F1 Full Mod (all-in-one) zip file includes all single downloads listed below. It includes the GPL 1968 F1 Mod Files, the Early & Late Carset Online Edition and the GPL 1968 Mod GEM+ pictures. The Full Mod (all-in-one) zip file is the easiest way to install the GPL 1968 F1 Mod for Grand Prix Legends (GPL). Below you will find the single files of the GPL 1968 F1 Mod. If you have used the Full Mod (all-in-one) zip file you do not need the single files listed below. Single Mod Files GPL 1968 F1 Mod Files Download Part 1: http://68f1.gplworld.de//files/GPL 1968 F1 Mod.7z [256 MB] Download Part 2: http://68f1.gplworld.de//files/GPL 1968 Mod GEM+ pics.7z [2.5 MB] GEM+ track pictures for each 1968 mod track The GPL 1968 F1 Mod zip will not show numbers and might not work properly online! To get the mod work properly online you also need to install the Early and Late Carset Online Edition listed below. GPL 1968 F1 Mod - Early Carset - Online Edition Download Part 3: http://68f1.gplworld.de//files/GPL 1968 F1 Mod Early Carset Online Edition.7z [18.5 MB] GPL 1968 F1 Mod - Late Carset - Online Edition Download Part 4: http://68f1.gplworld.de//files/GPL 1968 F1 Mod Late Carset Online Edition.7z [71.1 MB] Installation A manual installation is needed. Just extract all of the files in the downloaded .7z using WinRAR or 7-ZIP then move or copy them into your GPL install which is usually SIERRA/GPL (the GPL folder in the download is merged with your current GPL game folder) and select the mods through GEM+. None of the files should conflict/overwrite anything. It really is that simple and actually quicker than using an installer. Guide on how to install mods for Grand Prix Legends http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-mods Grand Prix Legends (GPL) Easy Installation Guide http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-easy-installation-guide